Our Vision

Healthy Youth,
Healthy Family,
Healthy Community.


The Skipping Stone Foundation is a Calgary-based not-for-profit organization whose mission is to support and empower trans and gender diverse youth and their families in the province of Alberta.

Having observed that historically, far too often trans and gender diverse youth are subject to significant negative stigma and substantially increased barriers to equitable care, support and quality of life. The Skipping Stone Foundation was formed with the goal of breaking down those barriers and giving youth positive and affirming opportunities surrounding their gender identity.

We are actively rewriting those narratives by:

Providing low-barrier access to mental health support and medical transition related services;

Workshops, scholarships, skill building opportunities and peer support to help youth and their families empower themselves; 

And regular community building events where the strengths and uniqueness found within the diversity of gender identities is recognized and celebrated and meaningful connections formed.