Each year March 31 marks the internationally recognized 'Trans Day of Visibility'. This day is an opportunity to mark the continuing need to raise awareness for the trans and gender diverse communities world wide.

This day serves to focus on the work needing to be done to end discrimination and create inclusivity and equality for trans individuals world wide. It serves as an opportunity to stand and celebrate gender diversity in all its forms and the amazing, resilient communities of trans individuals both locally and across the globe.

On this day, we want to acknowledge, celebrate and send a message to all the members of the trans community, and to the youth in particular...

Who are trans, transgender, non-binary, two-spirit, agender, genderqueer, gender diverse, gender creative or otherwise identified;

Who are able to stand visible today and equally to all those who aren't;

Know that you are important and valid and that we see you. Know we are cheering for you and together we will keep working towards a better world for ALL of us.