CALGARY- “This clinic saved his life and it will save others” says Lindsay Peace, Vice-President of Skipping Stone speaking about her son Ace in an interview last week “Having a transgender child isn’t the difficult part. It’s navigating the system that’s proved to be really challenging.”

This is the message that’s sounded strongly and clearly through the first week of the Skipping Stone’s Foundation social media campaign to raise awareness and support for the Metta Clinic. The campaign is resonating with the public and getting results.

“The swell of support for the clinic has been incredible” says Amelia Marie Newbert, President of Skipping Stone “Calgarians and all Albertans have rallied behind this campaign and are clearly voicing that the Metta Clinic in essential in keeping trans and gender diverse youth safe and healthy and the status quo just isn’t cutting it.”

The inadequacy of the current funding is a message echoed by a number of doctors who specialize in trans-based health last week in the media. Even the Minister of Health acknowledge this past week that the clinic serves an “invaluable” function to trans youth and families.

Beyond this positive messaging, the Metta Clinic Project has seen overwhelming succeess in the following measurable ways as well: over 1500 people connected with our website, over 1500 people unique views of our first personal story video, we reached over 15,000 people with our posts on social media channels, and received extensive media coverage.

We continue our campaign with a new video launching today which tells Linsday’s story and lends light to the perspective, concerns and struggles of a parent and family particularly when facing barriers to timely access to care.

“We have a lot to be proud of and a lot to be hopeful about. We’ve got momentum on our side right now” says Newbert “And that’s why it’s essential that we continue to stay engaged. Keep talking. Keep sharing. And keep writing your MLA.”