Past Campaign
Run: January - March 2017


The Metta Clinic was established as a pilot program in 2014 created to provide transgender and gender diverse youth targeted and comprehensive health care.

This care includes access to mental health and peer support services, puberty suppressors and other hormone replacement therapy drugs.

The risks associated with trans youth who are waiting to receive care include: severe mental health challenges, suicidal and self-harming behaviours, and risk of harassment and abuse. These all occur at a much greater rate than the norm. As such, access to timely care is essential.

The Metta Clinic is the only option available to trans youth in the province to obtain puberty suppressing drugs. These drugs delay the onset of puberty and help alleviate distress caused by gender dysphoria.

At present, Metta Clinic operates only 1 day per month... This translates to less than 2 weeks a year.

Funding has been withheld from the clinic on multiple occasions, citing the lack of clearly established need.

Since its creation, wait list times have risen from 9 months to nearly 3 years.

This clearly demonstrates a significant and evident need.

The continued operation of the clinic is essential to ensure trans and gender diverse youth are kept safe and healthy.


These videos contain vulnerable and compelling first hand experiences from transgender youth and their families. They highlight the struggles they experienced while waiting for access to care.
They also highlight the significant and positive impact the Metta Clinic has on their lives.

Check back often as we'll be releasing a new video every Monday in February as part our month long campaign to raise support for the Metta Clinic.


In our first video, Ace openly describes the desperate and painful reality of a transgender youth being forced to go through a puberty non-congruent with his gender due to excessive wait times. He goes on to describe the role that the Metta Clinic played in turning that narrative around once he gained access to care and the positive impacts it is having on his life.


In our second video, Lindsay, Ace's mom, talks to us about the challenges and fears facing parents and families of trans and gender diverse youth, especially while waiting for access to care. She candidly discusses the significant risks facing so many trans youth and how the Metta Clinic is actively saving lives.


In our third video, Sean bravely shares with uncompromising honesty his experiences as a transgender youth on the Metta Clinic wait list and the heartbreaking realities he faces unless the clinic is properly funded.


In our last video of this series, we hear from Tracy and her daughter Isabella and the significant impact the Metta Clinic has had on their lives. We learn how essential being able to access care before going through a non-congruent puberty has been for Isabella and how by receiving early access to care, she has been prevented from being exposed to significant and unnecessary additional risks.



Updated: March 15, 2018

After extensive advocacy and increasing demand, the Metta Clinic has received some modest funding to increase capacity. However, it still remains extremely limited in the number of hours it operates a month and has a multi year wait list.