Supporting and empowering trans and
gender diverse youth and their families.



We provide direct support to individuals by offering professional supervised peer to peer support for youth as well as parents, targeted mental health services around gender and access to transition related medical services including Hormone Replacement Therapy. 

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We act as a system navigator connecting clients to the supports and resources they need and removing barriers to access them. These supports including providing low-barrier access to gender affirming gear, pathways for gender affirming surgeries, assistance with name, gender marker and other ID changes and much more. 

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We provide youth with the tools they need to achieve their dreams by offering scholarships, skill and capacity building opportunities as well as monthly workshops and activities. 

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We believe in the essential role that community and connection plays in the wellbeing of youth. As such, we are committed to being extremely active participants in building community and offer monthly, open, free events. 

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