Past Campaign
Run: November 2017


On November 2, 2017, the Alberta Government introduced Bill 24.
Bill 24's goal was to ensure the rights of students to be able to participate freely in GSAs.

This included:
- Ensuring students have the right to establish GSAs in their schools;
- Ensuring that they have the right to name their GSA whatever they wish, explicitly including Gay-Straight Alliance and Queer-Straight Alliance.
- Ensuring that students can participate in GSAs without being non-consensually outed to their parents.

This legislation aimed to further reinforce students' right to be safe, included and have equitable access to services and opportunities regardless of their gender identity and expression.



After introduction of this legislation, it met resistance from some Albertans.
Concerned by the impact that the consistent debate on the validity of their identity and the associated ignorance and hate that surfaced as a result, the Skipping Stone Foundation was compelled to act and organized a show of support to ensure LGBTQ2+ students across the province felt heard, respected and supported.

We did so in two distinct manners.



A letter writing campaign was organized with students, parents and allies from across the province sending in letters in support of Bill 24 to their MLAs over a 2 week period. 

Below are excerpts from a small sample of the letters send:



On November 12, 2017 the Skipping Stone Foundation organized a rally in from of the MacDougall Centre in Calgary, Alberta and were joining by over 300 strong to show our support for GSAs and the rights of all students to learn in a welcoming, inclusive environment.

Below are a series of photographs from the event:



Bill 24 passed through the legislature and was adopted into law on December 15, 2017.

Skipping Stone was thrilled to be invited to sit in Legislature to be present during the passing the Bill in recognition of our efforts raising awareness and support for this important legislation.