Skipping Stone offers a slate of 6 different groups.
Throughout them, you’ll see a theme emerges that is at the core of our vision: HEARTS.
We strive to show that as individuals, an organization, and as a community, how much we truly care through the authentic kindness and generosity in our words and our actions.

All our group programming is specific tailored to carefully align with the vision and mission of the organization, as well as the needs identified by our clients and community, and are professionally supervised and evaluated to ensure a consistent and high standard.

Groups may include discussions, film screenings, educational components, creative outlets, guest speakers, and a host of other activities designed specifically for the target population.

Below are the groups specifically designs for parents, caregivers, spouses, partners and other family members and support people.

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Love can mean many and different things to each of us; be it sexual, emotional, or spiritual. Partner can also have many meanings; be it monogamous, polyamorous or exploring. So, how do we navigate honouring our personal meanings and needs while affirming and supporting those of our partners?

Who is this group for?

Loving Hearts is for anyone and everyone, ages 16 and over, who loves a transgender or gender diverse partner, whatever and however ‘love’ and ‘partner’ mean to you.

What is this group about?

Loving Hearts is a space for folks to come together and talk about all things relationships. Here we’ll share in all the beauty and complexity that can come with partnerships. We will chat intimacy, boundaries, communication, and much more.


MONTHLY • FOURTH THURSDAY • 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Caring for a trans or gender diverse child, teen, or young adult can be an amazing journey full of love, joy, and pride. It can also be challenging, confusing, and overwhelming. Having a safe place to share experiences with other caregivers can be a powerful way connect, build our capacity, and know that we are not alone.

Who is this group for?

Caring Hearts is for family members, parents, guardians and caregivers of transgender and gender diverse children, teens and youth.

What is this group about?

Caring Hearts is about finding ways to care for our trans children while we also find ways to care for ourselves. The group format includes information about foundational principles of gender affirming parenting, capacity building, and of course, lots of sharing and caring.

Childcare is available for this group.